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Fabian Villasana hat Bildende Kunst und Grafikdesign in seiner Heimat Mexiko studiert. Nach mehr als zehn Jahren Arbeit im Bereich Werbung und Marketing verschiedener Agenturen bringt er heute seine Erfahrungen aus dem interkulturellen Dialog in seine Werke ein. Es ergeben sich dabei Schnittstellen und Wechselwirkungen zwischen Musik, Sprachen und Kulturen. Als Transmitter schaltet er zwischen den Kanälen. Er arbeitet dabei mit verschiedenen Techniken wie Siebdruck, Acryl und digitaler Grafik.




Youth Festival Art & Cultur October 2013.

The fixed term "Heidel Berga Deleta" in the strict sense describes a turning point in the history of the city in the 17th century. Louis XIV burned the city down to their foundations, whereupon the face of the city changed by rebuilding forever.
For several years, seems to be in a state of flux, the arts and culture scene dominated by students and tourist city. Cultural institutions involved and creative groupings always shoot many of the ground.
Keyword: creative industries.
But what to do with all the new art as Heidelberg now? And where there is to see at all?
Our festival aims to go exactly these issues on the ground! Deleta


Art Collectiv exposition Juli 2014

Collectiv artist exposition in Hamburg. Multimedia & Fine arts.

Hamburg zeigt Kunst

street art intervention August 2014

Street art intervention in the Hafen City , Hamburg. Link

GiveAshit Nº 4

Collective Exposition November 2014

Art on toilet seat? Sounds weird. Go though!

The idea came about three years ago and has since developed into a solid concept. The special thing - that we should bring things in combination, which have to do at first glance have little in common: attention to the poor sanitary conditions in developing countries, an opportunity for artists to present themselves in an exceptional setting and sales proceeds at Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV donated.


Metropolnik Festival

Street Art intervention Juni 2016

Das METROPOLINK/ Festival für urbane Kunst-Heidelberg, ist eine
Kunstausstellung im öffentlichen Raum, die vom 30.06. - 19.07. 2017 stattfindet.

Metropolnik Festival

Thursday mit Sr Calavera

Solo Exhibition October 2016

Die KunstHaltestelle veranstaltet jeden ersten Donnerstag im Monat wechselnde Ausstellungen. Den Auftakt des "Exhibition Thursday" macht Fabian Villasana alias "Sr Calavera". 


Exotic Awareness

A group exhibition of Latin American Artists November 2016

The charm of the unfamiliar in times where traveling, access to information and permanent exchange is defining a new mixed culture which is both, unique and extended. In a society where everything tends to be multi-cultural and each of us must, then, be pure culture. What does it mean to be exotic in todays world? Is exoticism coming from far away or far inside?

To contribute to this debate Urbanskills invites you to the opening of the group exhibition Exotic Awareness at Bricks Gallery, showcasing the work of 10 international artists from Latin America.

Digital Art.

Vj video project.

Motions graphics and projections with a own elements and collage.

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